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We Help To Make The Right Decision

When deciding on the use of a tent for your event, you will want to consider the following questions:

  • Is there enough space to accommodate a tent?
  • Can your event withstand all types of weather conditions?
  • Are you looking to plan an event with a controllable environment?
  • Will you need coverage to protect against any unpredictable elements?
  • Is image and appearance important to a sale or venue?
  • Will you need additional space?

1 Century Pole Tents

Century Pole tents offer flexibility and a modern design featuring elegant peaks and valleys. Despite a limited number of interior poles, these rugged tents feature a tensioned structure, guy-lines and ground anchors which enable them to withstand rough weather conditions. Several widths are available between 20 ft. to 100ft.

2 Frame Tents

Frame tents have no interior poles, thus allowing free and unobstructed use of space. Anchored to the ground with stakes or weights, they are free-standing tents supported by a frame. Several widths are available between 6 ft. to 30ft.

3 Clearspan Tents

As with Frame tents, Clearspan tents also allow a free and unobstructed use of space. This option is able to withstand high winds with its strong frame structure and weighted anchor system. Several widths are available between 10 ft. to 100ft.

4 Pole Tents

Pole tents have a long history in the world of tent rentals. Typically, this type of tent is available in a square or rectangular shape. Anchored by guy-lines, it is equipped with interior center poles and occasionally quarter poles. Several widths are available between 20 ft. to 100ft.

When planning your rental budget, the following items may affect the pricing:

  • Pavement or concrete surfaces, which require custom equipment
  • Bulk orders of tents
  • Long distance deliveries
  • Oversized tents
  • Winter month, early morning or late-night installations
  • Installation to accommodate trees, patios or eaves
  • Accessories such as pole curtains, lighting and heating
  • Rentals for longer than four days

*** All of these systems are expandable. We are very accommodationg throughout the entire planning phase of your event. As the date of your event nears and you have acquired a final count of guests to attend your event, you will be able to adjust the size of the tent you originally selected in order to meet your needs.