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F.A.Q. Get to know more about our company.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check debit and most major credit cards.

Does someone need to be on site at time of delivery?

Tents can be staked out or detailed plans need to submitted in advance A copy of the contract can be signed and email or faxed prior to arrival.

Can you do a site survey at no charge?

If you are not sure if a tent will fit properly at your chosen site due to trees or other obstructions, we recommend you call us to make an appointment. We will gladly meet with you and advise the best location on the property.

When can I expect the tent to be delivered?

We recommend scheduling all deliveries at least 2 – 4 days before the use date. Our goal is to keep the area protected from rain. An early setup is highly recommended . also allowing enough time for work by the decorator, caterer, etc.

How do you handle a surprise party?

The majority of tent installations take place at least 2-4 days prior to the event. This ensures success at its maximum by all involved. However, for a nominal fee, we can deliver and install at the day and time of your choosing.

What happens if there is a sprinkler system or other underground utilities such as gas, septic, cable, water lines to a nearby pool?

You must make sure that the ground has been marked for such obstructions prior to our arrival. We are not responsible for damage caused by the tent stakes. We can not always avoid what we do not know is there.

What is your reservation policy?

We have made our computer system very complex making it very customer friendly. The system has 3  contract levels.

Quote:  Quotes will never assign inventory to your event or put you on the schedule  for delivered. A deposit will convert a quote into a reservations.

Reservations: Reservations confirm Equipment, Supervisor, Crew, Truck, and  Assigns a slot in the delivery schedule. Your order stays in reservation until 2 day prior to delivery allowing all the changes you need to make your order correct.

Reserve as soon as possible.  A 50% deposit is all you need.

Rental Contract: 2 Days before delivery we upgrade you to Rental Contract. This opens your information up to all  departments for cleaning, prepping, packaging, staging and routing for delivery for your event. At this time we really you’re order is complete. Making a change is possible but more difficult.

What is the cancellation policy?

Our policy is three parts.

Outside 30 days to your delivery date, there is no cancellation fee and no questions ask.

Inside 30 days to your delivery date we charge a $ 35.00 rescheduling fee.

Inside 10 days you will forfeit the entire deposit.

Do you set up the tables and the chairs?

We set up anything that requires technical skill Tent, Stage, Dance floor, etc. We will stack the tables and chairs underneath the tent or in a garage. You are responsible to set up and teardown in order to not incur extra labor costs. We can handle the set up and tear down, This service must be reserved in advance, please call for a quote.

Can the tent be set up without stakes?

Yes, we can. There are several anchoring systems available depending which style of tent you use.

Is it possible to set up a tent myself?

No. All of our tents are commercial grade and only our specially trained crew may handle our tent installations according to specific manufacturers guidelines.

Is there an after hour or weekend emergency contact.

We do forward our calls to a cell phone after hours. We also periodically check emails, however, if if is weather related, the phone is the best way to reach us.