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We have over 40 years of experience in tent rentals and event production.

About Advanced Tent Solutions

It’s Our Goal to Make Your Event a Hit without a Hitch

We are more than just tents and accessories as we understand the importance of every event. At Advanced Tent Solutions we understand how to provide proper advice and accomplish your goals no matter if this is your first time to your tenth time planning an event that requires event tenting. Advanced Tent Solutions is here to make your event a great success.

We have more than 40 years of experience devoted to the tent event rental business. We understand how daunting of a task it may be when it comes to anticipating all of the variables and factors involved. But no worries, we will guide you through the process and resolve all of the issues involved.

First we consider site elements and then if necessary we visit your site venue and consider the following factors:

When planning and designing your tent products, it’s also very beneficial for you to rely on our CAD drawings to see the scale and layout for the event. We provide all site plans to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Why Experience Matters…

We’ve seen virtually everything when it comes to venues for tents. We are confident that our 40 years of experience will ensure proper production and delivery to make your event a success. Also, we always provide a large window of time to complete the job. All of our materials are top quality and we use exceptionally sturdy commercial grade products that can withstand wind, rain and whatever else nature decides to deliver on the day of your event.

No two events are the same and the needs are different for everyone. Seeing your event and specific’s are unique our pricing is tailored to your specific event needs. Our competitive pricing ensures the best value for your tent rental.

Our estimate to you includes everything you need and nothing more. We do not make it our practice to up sell like others. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.  We only provide you with what meets your exact specifications and measurements.

We’re known for carrying some of the biggest products available, like two story tents. We take on projects that other companies may not be qualified to undertake or simply can’t handle. That’s why so many Cleveland sports teams, schools, universities and hospitals as well as many others partner with us.

We can deliver on events with guests lists in excess of 5,000 attendees, too!

A Successful Event is in the Details

We spend the time necessary to get all of the details right because you’re not just a client to us. We hope to build a long-term relationship with you. As a result, we look forward to repeat business from our clients, as well as referrals resulting from the successful use of our services. Plenty of our clients fall into these category.

From start to finish, we will tell you if there’s something we seriously think you don’t need. We often hear from our clients “You really know what you’re doing,” and that we give them “great peace of mind” in our tent rental services. While most customers are initially concerned with the front end of the event, we also focus on the back end which includes the take down of the tenting and restoring everything to its original condition.

We want you to enjoy your event success even the day after. We realize you may be exhausted and may not be present. You can feel at ease as our professional crew takes care of the removal of our tents, leaving the location just as we found it.

What Makes a Successful Event to Us?

Ultimately, our standard to measure whether an event is successful is by our client experiencing absolutely no stress related to any aspect of their tent rental. We take every job, no matter how large or small, very seriously.

As a result, some of Cleveland’s biggest companies have hired us for their events such as:

  • Grand Openings
  • Groundbreakings
  • Employee Appreciation Picnics
  • Fundraisers
  • Training
  • Corporate Galas
  • Anniversaries
  • Open Houses
  • Customer Appreciation

You can rely on us every step of the way, starting with promptly returning your phone calls. Next you’ll notice that our highly trained installers possess a full range of skills. They know that every job is unique and every location is different.

From a backyard graduation, birthday party, wedding or corporate gala, we are all about great events of every kind. We are your one- stop-shop for all of your tent rental needs.

Overview of Tent Setup in Time-Lapse Video

Advanced Tent Solutions is the Northeast Ohio’s #1 tent provider. Through their world-class services; planning, site inspection, courteous and professional employees, delivery and setup, Advanced Tent Solutions delivers for your event success. Enjoy our time-lapse tent setup video and imagine what we can do for your next outdoor event.

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