Choosing The Right Tent

We have over 40 years of experience in tent rentals and event production.

We Help You Make the Right Decision on Tent Size

Advanced Tent Solutions assists in the selection of the tent you require for your event venue. We think of your tent as part of the actual venue. So when deciding on a tent for your wedding, ceremony, graduation, social, catered, party or corporate event, you will want to consider the following questions;
  • Is there enough space to accommodate a tent?
  • Will you need coverage to protect against any unpredictable elements?
  • Can your event withstand all types of weather conditions?
  • Are you looking to plan an event with a controllable environment?
  • How many people will be attending?
  • Is image and appearance important to a sale or venue?
  • Will there be catering and other services that will require additional space?
  • Is a temporary dance floor, stage or raised platform needed?
  • Will electrical, lighting, etc. for the tent be needed

Our tents can accommodate virtually any sized event, from an intimate cocktail party up to a 5,000 guest outdoor wedding reception or unforgettable corporate events.

1 Century Pole Tents

Century Pole tents offer flexibility and a graceful design featuring elegant peaks and valleys. Despite a limited number of interior poles, these rugged tents feature a tensioned structure, guy-lines and ground anchors which enable them to withstand rough weather conditions.

We rent a variety of tent sizes–widths from 20′ up to 100′ and seat from 40 – 600 – so you rent a tent size that’s the right size for your event.

2 Frame Tents

Frame tents have no interior poles, thus allowing free and unobstructed use of space. Anchored to the ground with stakes or weights, they are free-standing tents supported by a frame.

We rent a variety of tent sizes–widths from 6′ up to 30′ and seat from 10 – 240.

3 Clearspan Tents

As with Frame tents, Clearspan tents also allow a free and unobstructed use of space. This option is able to withstand high winds with its strong frame structure and weighted anchor system..

We rent a variety of tent sizes–widths from 10′ up to 100′ and seat from 90 – 5000 plus.

4 Pole Tents

Pole tents have a long history in the world of tent rentals. Typically, this type of tent is available in a square or rectangular shape. Anchored by guy-lines, it is equipped with interior poles.

We rent a variety of tent sizes–widths from 20′ up to 100′ and seat from 40 -600.

Tent Options Sides

Window walls – Adds a touch of elegance to your event while protecting for the elements.

Solid white walls for less outside distraction while protecting from the weather. Custom color walls can be ordered in advance.

Clear walls – Allows full visibility while protecting from the elements. Also available with clear ceiling roof.

Open walls to allows free movement to surrounding area’s.

Tent bottom section skirting, to limit access area.

Tent marque entrance

Double glass window doors.

We also provide canopy entrances, double glass or window doors are available for all tent styles. Contact us for all options.

Tent Options Interior

Interior full tent lining.

Roof lining only.

Vinyl leg sleeves.

Water drum covers.

We also provide canopy entrances, double glass or window doors are available for all tent styles. Contact us for all options.

More Learn more of our rental options

Tents are a blank canvas and we have a whole range of equipment for you to create the look and feel you want. Speak to one of our sales team and together we can start planning your event!

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When planning your rental budget, the following items may affect the pricing:

  • Pavement or concrete surfaces, which require special equipment…
  • Bulk orders of tents…
  • Long distance deliveries…
  • Over sized tents….
  • Installation to accommodate trees, patios or eaves
  • Winter month, early morning or late-night installations…
  • Accessories such as pole curtains, lighting and heating…
  • Rentals for longer than 7 days…

*** All of these systems are expandable. We are very accommodating throughout the entire planning phase of your event. As the date of your event nears and you have acquired a final count of guests to attend your event, you will be able to adjust the size of the tent you originally selected in order to meet your needs.

Overview of Tent Setup in Time-Lapse Video

Advanced Tent Solutions is the Northeast Ohio’s #1 tent provider. Through their world-class services; planning, site inspection, courteous and professional employees, delivery and setup, Advanced Tent Solutions delivers for your event success. Enjoy our time-lapse tent setup video and imagine what we can do for your next outdoor event.

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